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Riding area

We are based in Colares village on north side of Sintra mountain famous for strong microclimate created by Atlantic Ocean, dominant north winds and general mild local climate. Currently we work without publicly open shop. Sintra mountain have vast enduro mountain bike trail network. Trail network divided in several different microclimate areas.


Riding area (source:

* MTB enduro trail navigation - for this purpose we recommend to use TrailForks application (with pre-downloaded maps(not much phone reception in the mountain))
Trail network is not very well marked (some trails have sign with trail name on entrance some no. (No information about trail difficulty or dangerous features on signs!)

* XC/explore routes....... Coming soon 

# Preparation for ride

No cafes or shops in the mountain so please bring snacks and drinks for your riding autonomy (there are several places to refill water)

Sintra is famous for its strong microclimate. We always recommend to have wind/rainjacket. Even on summer days it can be chilly/windy and misty

Our rental bikes includes maintenance kit. We can provide miniback pack/hip pack. Avoid big bags on your rides.

Videos from Sintra MTB trails:
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