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From the peak to home Monge + 17 sticks + Old house trails

*Trail is freshly cleaned! enjoy After long climb to the Monk (Monge) peak there loads of trails starts to all sides of the hill. We start to lush green north side of hill Monge trail (Colares Right @trailforks) first section is very short and quick, then you cross forest road and enter the second part of trail. This part starts with always wet and slippery granite rocks and different lines to cross them few semi natural jumps, few wide corners and then crossing forest road again and we continue straight to 3rd part of trail (17 Pes @trailforks). Ultimate fun part with some little jumps, rock shoots, interesting steep corners and crossing main road of mountain. After crossing road in 20meters we turn sharp left to 17 sticks trail (Cogumelos @trailforks) loads of polished roots on trail well supported right hand turn, fun jump over the rock, more corners and crossing forest road. According to trailforks only here starts 17 sticks (17 paus) trail. We continuing on it till one more crossing of forest road and then we pedal flat section of forest road for probably 150m and jumping to the right side on trail and continuing till we see abandoned house and little trail passing on side. Keep it on trail and you arrive to Colares village... Ohh.. to try explain trail on "paper" and using not correct names and a bit not accurate GPS data on trailforks is a mess. Probably first and last time.

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