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RENT4TRAIL Unipessoal LDA is a bike rental and MTB tour company based next to Sintra - Cascais Natural park.

We offer: mountain bike rent, MTB tours with local guides, enduro MTB shuttles and day trips to other riding locations in Portugal.


WHY Serra de Sintra? Sintra town is located around 30min drive from Lisbon and has plenty to offer for any kind of tourist. Many unique palaces, Moorish castles, beautiful gardens are attracting people from all over the world. Atlantic ocean and Sintra mountain crates unique microclimate that makes this place so special. Riding trails in Serra de Sintra is an unforgettable experience because the variety of trails are incredible, you can ride dusty and loamy trails on the same day doesn't matter it is winter or summer and then you can add some coastal trails that will amplify your experiences even more. We started this project after endless tries to rent trail/enduro bikes for fellow travelers without luck...  

RENT4TRAIL is exploring Portugal and trying to provide as much as possible for our bike fleet to other locations in Portugal. Don't hesitate and drop a line if you are looking to rent a trail bike in other regions of Portugal. 

SUSTAINABLE:we give a lot of effort, time and money to preserve unique Sintra trails. We are taking big part of trail maintenance works in Sintra area.  


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