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Wild trail time in Algarve

Will not lie.. It is not first time in Marmalete/Foia area so already could predict riding syle and terrain. But first run rattle out all the smoothed out memories from my head. It is much more raw than remember.. that sharp rocks that massive open views to south coast feels unique and very natural. Hihger mountain trails have rough vegetantion around so you need to keep it tight in your line otherwise will end up huging colorful bouquote of all kind of brambles.. Lower mountain have less punishing terrain but trails have unique features from easy flow to unexpected surpises after every turn. Transition from higher mountain to lower is challenging and you need to work hard to find the flow. Pure action from top to bottom. Ofcourse the big part of experience was shaped by local riders who where guiding us through unknown terrain and helped us to send some tricky features blind just by trusting and following them. See you soon!

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