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Enduro paradise in North of Portugal

Few weeks ago we had a blast in north of Portugal. During weekend escape were riding mtb trails in Terras de Bouro and Pe do Negro. *Terras de Bouro is insane place with big mountains, open views, massive boulders at the top of mountain and loamy forest at the lower part of hill. Trails were challanging: a lot of natural short and steep slab riding, natural drops and jumps, crossing trail and river bed mixtures. Amazing natural raw trails. Deffinetly recomended to have shuttles for this because mountains are big, trails are long and deffinetly you want to see how locals choose the lines in front of you. *Pe do Negro trail center is great riding locations too. Was pouring rain almost all the time while we were riding but did few runs from the top of mountain with downhill syle track: big open turns with loads of support to keep that wheels spining fast. Soil was super grippy at top of mountain. Just mud in the eyes were slowling down us. Lower part of mountain have more enduro style trails with natural drops from rocks, loads of roots, some well built roadgaps, surfing between trees. In general amazing riding and incredible atmosphere. Rural and unpolished viallages. Semi wild horses and bulls around wondering on the trails and local food..... #MTB #portugal #mountainbike #enduro #trails

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