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Sesimbra sunbathing and tasting premium trails in mid November.

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Planets aligned for the mini trip and we are heading with family to Sesimbra. Been there many times mostly without a bike. Riden only once in area from the opposite side of Arrabida mountains (Palmela) and ended up bushwhacking with XC bike quite a lot.. So was really curious if there are any good trails for trail/enduro bike..

This place is famous for Meditarean like climate. Warmer and more sunny then in Sintra. Sounds like premium plan B then it's to wet and rainy in Sintra. Or just want something different trail/experience wise..

And the best part is that today I am riding with local riders/trail builders and passionate outdoor enthusiasts behind thank you one more time!

Trails were so much different from home mountain biking in Sintra. Rocks were way sharper, shapes of dirt so different and techy climbs so challenging. Caberna, Avet and Rockgarded trails for sure were highlights. Views were astonishing!

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