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More racing = more friends

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

One more amazing weekend full of emotions, excitement and adrenaline passed. This time in east of Portugal beautiful town of Castelo de Vide. So here was held 3rd Portuguese MTB enduro cup.

From last year I remember that PEC1 was horrific and punishing two other stages slightly more relaxing and full of interesting features and fun. Hmzz.. But I am wrong because last year I wasn't racing just supporting friends. So touring on trails was from a different perspective. This year my little palms were burning all the way to every stage finish and was struggling to hold rubber side down on trails. But completely loved those 2 intensive days on mountainbike and want to really thank for the uplifts on practice day for new friends and all the people involved to make this competition happen. Organization and support from local community was incredible!

*Free craft beer after crossing finish line? CHECKED!

*The best bifana sandwiches from whole pig roasted on grill?


*Invitation for amazing lunch in race pits?


Thank you all the people who somehow participated or created this race! Incredible experience!

Small edit of practice day runs.

PEC1 POV practice first run

PEC2 POV practice first run

PEC3 POV practice first run

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