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Road cycling is fun coz you can do it offroad

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Few years in a row trying to ride a road bike for a week to complete the Rapha500 challenge. The challenge is simply about making 500km on a bicycle between Christmas eve and new year. Sounds easy here in Portugal. But actually, it is very easy here... Even I don't ride a road bike all year. I was inspired to try to do this after I saw how my fellow cyclists in Lithuania enjoy? suffer? fight? and collect every extremely hard-earned kilometer in challenging conditions. Pure suffer-fest but so inspiring! I still remember that pain of unfreezing body extremities after a proper winter ride then conditions slightly changed and your gear just stopped working...

Wish the biggest luck and joy for people doing incredible things and pushing limits!!!

And this is my short edit of an amazing alternative road bikepacking gravel trip from Lisbon to Evora. Luckily lost my glove around after 5km of cycling so using sock made one night trip more survival style. Of course, it was mid covid lockdown time and the Alentejo region there we were cycling was quite calm or to be honest completely empty and to find food we did ride +40km around local villages in midnight with full moon, super clear sky and incredible views.

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