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Riding enduro is fun. Racing is ultimate fun.

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

We had such a pleasure to enter enduro races in Portugal. Crazy tracks, amazing food, beautiful destinations, and seas of ice-cold lager beer... what else do athletes need???? People... from all other Portugal that you meet on races and share the passion. This is what makes it so fun! So wanna share some experiences from 2021 season first Portugal Enduro cup races in Lorvão, Penacova municipality. Practices day was hot and dusty... And then the next morning races were postponed because of really heavy rain. Can you imagine superfine particle dust, blown-out corners, steep dusty sections being watered for few hours with heavy rain? Was trying to imagine that warming up at the start line. But didn't worked. So basically it was completely new tracks and everyone was racing semi-blind! So fun! Wheater conditions doubled the fun and trails ridden. great!

Mixtape from practice runs and mood before racing. (filming during the race is not allowed)

Few snaps from racing weekend.

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