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Let's dive in to the gnar: Kamikaze 1 and Wubzzy trails

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

In Serra de Sintra, at misty Monge peak you will always find bunch of trails hungry MTB riders. They gather around choosing what next to serve for trail MENU. From Monge peak you can descend to many directions and taste so many different trails: Kamikaze trail (trilho de Kamikaze), Monge trail (Trilho de Monge), Imposible trail (Trilho Imposivel), just before peak you have entrance to Dimas trail (Trilho de Dimas) and ofcourse all this trails connect to other amazing trails which let's you have pure excitment for more then 10minutes continous descending from esier trails, to some world cup enduro class trails. Our guides know all secret connections of trails and we will serve you the best possible combination of trails to please your taste and pack your head with amazing memmories from Sintra MTB Trails. So here we go! One of tastier trail combo that deffinetly will pack your shammy with pure gnar marks!

Following the fastest lady in Portugal! Go Sophie!

Typical summer view on Monge peak. Misty, lush and well packed moisty trails... PREMIUM

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