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Nature is already suffering from various human interventions and we are seeking to stay as sustainable as we can. It is the only way to keep this fragile and enchanted beauty for future generations. 

#Headquarters - currently working without office and delivering bikes for free to places close. We setting up our workshop/office as close to the main riding location and home. So we don't need to waste either time or any kind of energy for commutes.

#Bikes - are maintained on regular routine to extend components life and ensure the best possible performance. All the bikes are set up with tubeless tires and sealant to cut away the number of inner tubes thrown away, massively improve handling performance and reduce time spent fixing flats while out in the woods. 

#Workshop - bike washing on low pressure only and not using aggressive degreasers helps to prolong all the bearings, cables, and seals life. We are using only the best performing and sustainable as it can be workshop materials: lubes, greases, degreasers. Cutting on single-use spray cans while using reusable spray bottles where we can. 

#Bookings and bike share agreements - for the moment we are still using paper versions of the necessary documentation. But working out our way to move completely paperless and stop supporting deforestation and all the other problems that the paper industry brings to the environment. 


#Single use freebies - we avoid giving our clients any booklets or other printed marketing souvenirs. Instead, we will share all photos or video footage from our ride. No for single use low-quality water bottles that end up in the trash after one ride. So bring yours or buy high-quality one with our branding. Trust us it will last loooong. If you opt for a picnic lunch break in the woods we will make it as sustainable as it can be. Simple is the best. The best part is that nobody needs to pay for stuff that would end up in the trash. 

#Local environment, trail etiquette, leave it better than you found - we always try to clean places while riding or hiking with family on free time. Trails aren't built for us we are participating to make them nice (stopping and improving/fixing trail while riding or joining planned maintenance). On trails, we always greet hiking families or other outdoors enthusiasts even they are walking up the trail that we are descending. Always giving extra few minutes to pick up litter around our picnic or rest place.   


#help us - share your tips and experience with us how to become more sustainable and lower impact on nature. 


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